I love my fans. :****

I’m your biggest fan I follow ju until u luv mi

Looking through my private blog makes me hate people even more…especially the ones who decided I wasn’t important enough to keep around.


I remember the first time I got anon hate I thought, “this is what fame feels like,” but I’ve only gotten like 2 messages.

I’ll send you more sorry


                                                   I want a night
                                                       with you.
                                                   I want to close
                                                     the curtains.
                                                I want to lay in bed
                                              and feel you breathing.
                                               I want the only noise
                                                   to be my inhale
                                              replying to your exhale.
                                           I want to trace my fingers
                                           along every line and curve
                                                    of your back.
                                            I want to feel your face
                                              buried into my neck.
                                              I want to lay like this
                                              and feel every worry
                                          the same way that I melt
                                              when I am with you. 

I think it's so funny how you and your ex both downgraded



i wonder if there is anyone nervous to talk to me.


Anons would be rad right about now

One thing I’m extremely thankful for is having friends, family and a boyfriend who support what I do and my decision to keep doing color guard after high school.